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What types of foods prevent a migraine headache?

What types of foods prevent a migraine headache?
I suffer from migraine headaches. I usually get a really bad one right before I get my period. I remember reading somewhere that you can eat certain food and avoid others to help in the drop of hormones. I have high blood pressure so I can’t take birth control pills to help this.

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Answer by jandy
certain cheeses, foods with nitrates/preserved meats and wines can aggravate migraines. I used to have them and got a med called Fiorinal or butalbitol for monthly migraines. don’t have them anymore since it’s gone now and don’t miss it either. they were unbearable.

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  1. hannah

    theres no food that an prevent one from coming on but u can stop taking certain foods. ie, cheese, Coffee, eggs, chocolate, wat u should do in keep a diet dairy or trigger dairy. on it what triggered ur migraine that day was it light sound or food. also comment on wat u ate that day and also the day before. after a couple of months u will see a correlation cut that food out. but do not cut any food groups out of ur diet unless u ae completely sure.

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