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What should I do about my attendance at school because of migraine All kinds of Headache?

What should I do about my attendance at school because of migraine All kinds of Headache?
I have migraine All kinds of Headache and i usually need to spend time in an quiet & dark room. I also have verdigo along side with it, and i couldn’t go to school for 2 weeks already. What should i do so my absences don’t count against me ?

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Answer by Zenobia
If you missed school, you missed school, regardless for what reason. So there isnt anything you can do so they dont count it against you.

If this is something that is happening frequently through out the year, I recommend homeschooling. Especially if you need to be in a quiet and dark place, like your home.

Sorry. 🙁

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  1. surferchick

    a letter from your doctor should help clear up this issue. Medical problems should not be held against you. I have a friend who had cancer and missed alot of school because of sugeries and chemo treatments. The school understood her issues and her teachers gave her extra time to catch up. her absense were not counted against her

  2. ☆ Love

    at my school they have a tutoring program called homebound. i had severe anxiety and they had a tutor come to my home everyday and help me w- my school work. i suggest looking into it. im sorry about your headaches; hopefully you can talk to your doctor n find something to help cure it

  3. Lori F

    My son has a condition called POTS and last year he missed 30 days of school. I am in constant contact with the school nurse, principal and teachers so that they are all aware of my son’s condition. They have been extremely understanding. He gets extra time to make up his work. His condition causes him to fall asleep during class and the teachers let him sleep. I think if the school knows everything that’s going on they will work with you. Don’t worry, just take care of your migraines, you don’t need the extra stress. Good Luck

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