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what is the medication named fioricet?

what is the medication named fioricet?
i have a prescription for fioricet.what is it?

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Answer by summer222008
its a pain and fever reducer and is usually prescribed to prevent tension headaches which are caused my muscle contractions. it is a combination of acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine

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  1. In God We Trust

    I am not familiar with it, but you should call your pharmacist right away. Also, tell the pharmacist of what you may be allergic, he/she will put that information into the files there. This is important because you don’t want to have any medication to cause you severe problems. It is used to deal with tension headaches. I wish you well. Peace!

  2. dizzy

    BUTLBTL is the generic for it. It was prescribed to me for my migraines and tension headaches. It’s also considered a street drug so for example, if you go for a job and you have to get a drug test or screening you have to be up front and honest and let them know that you’re on this prescription medication or else, after tested (screened) you will not pass.

    In any case, just figured I’d share a little knowledge from it. Fioricet works great.


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