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What is the best way to relieve a headache without medication?

What is the best way to relieve a headache without medication?
My little brother is ill, with a ferocious headache and his body is at least a degree or two higher in his temperature, what should I do…? Is it better for a wet rag to be luke-warm or cold when placed on the forehead?

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Answer by hotchocolatecherry
a warm compress will actually help his headache.Cold will only make it worse.You want to open up the blood vessels.Make sure it is not too hot.Give some Tylenol if he has not ingested alcohol or any other medications, and tell hime to rest.If temp starts to get higher meaning over 101.0 then he needs to be taken to the hospital

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  1. andreamarie77

    I get headaches all the time (migraines usually) and even though I’m on medication for them, cold rags usually work the best for most people. I suggest having him lie down in a dark room, no noise, no light and put the cool rag on his forehead. Sometimes have a pillow under your head can actually increase the headache, so it’s better to lie completely flat, but for other people, pushing against the pillow into the headboard makes the headache subside a little. Good luck!

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