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What is the best way to get rid of a severe migraine?

What is the best way to get rid of a severe migraine?
I have severe migraines everyday. I wake up it’s there, I go to sleep it’s still there. For the past 6 years I have lived with a migraine that never goes away. I’ve tried all of the major OTCs and prescription medications for headaches and nothing ever works. If there is some odd, non-medication treatment (besides accupuncture which failed to work for me) that you’ve tried and it worked for you please let me know.
I’ve also been to many doctors because of this, I’ve spent time at MHNI (Michigan Head pain and Neurological Institute) which specializes in headaches, and they can’t even tell me what’s wrong.

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  1. someonecanbme

    this is going to sound weird-but- someone told me to make yourself vomit. vomiting opens blood vessels. then drink apple juice. the acid from the juice helps.

  2. no_occult_666

    get some gonja lol no mayb go see a chiropractor?? my dad used to get headaches called tension headaches from back problems

    o ya that vomiting thing works too, i notice that when im sick and have a headache it goes away if i throw up…i dont mean i get a fever and immediately put my finger down my throat but it usually works.

  3. cpinatsi

    Have you seen a doctor about this? The most important is to find the cause of this. I would suggest aspirin or ponstan (mefenamic acid), but obviously you’ve tried it. Plus they both harm the stomach.

  4. cats4ever2k1

    you need to see your docotor it could be something serious- more then just headadhes it could be a tumor.

  5. allenlynn23

    how about plain old massage therapy. sometimes if all your neck muscles are stiff it could give you a headache. You could try a steaming hot bath. Put a hot cloth over your eyes. Immitrex works really well for a friend of mine.

  6. Terry F

    Wow! I’m glad I don’t have mine as bad as yours. The prescription meds make me sick. Usually, I take one of the prescrips and go lay down somewhere with a pillow pressed against my head. Pressure seems to help me. I’ve heard of people that put a band around their head to relieve it.

  7. Jaitothakah

    Have you had any MRI’s done. You could have a slipped disk in you neck or even worse (I hope not) a tumor. Check with you doctor about getting an MRI done to check things out.

  8. srcme2001

    IHeard once that if you squeeze the meat between your pointer finger and thumb it will releive headaches. I tried it it worked , I think its an accupressure technique.

  9. Harris

    I keep a gel-pack in the freezer, and put it on my head–drink lots of coffee—have stopped eating dairy products. The last one has helped the most–food allergies can contribute to those bastard headaches.

  10. sinfully_exquisite_stalking

    My husband has migranes, and he went to a neurosurgeon…who had him change his diet…because foods tend to make migrains worse, stuff like caffeen, and some other foods, go and get yourself tested for food allergies..stuff like grains and stuff…really it will be something like that, and NO caffeene in any of its nasty forms…-smiles-

  11. sudbury girl

    I know several people that get them and the only thing that helps them is going to emergensy and getting a needle in the butt. They say instant relief.

  12. browneyedwvian

    get someone to give you an orgasm. Seriously, this works. You tense up during and up to climax then all of your muscles relax. Plus, it’s fun!

  13. housefullofboys3

    I have tried everything and had to go to the doctor for a prescription. I take Maxalt for my migraines.

    Sometimes a cold cloth over my head and a dark ROM will help.

    Write down what you have eaten or drank and what you have been doing in a journal to help narrow down what could possible be a trigger for your migraines.

    My triggers are caffeine, certain perfumes and colognes and extreme stress.

  14. I XLR-8

    a family member has severe migrianes to the point she passes out flat on the floor.
    She has done a CAT scan and all types of tests nothing works for her except being in a very dark room with no lights.

    MSG is a food additive used in certain foods trigger her migraine’s.It is used alot in Chinese and Asian foods.
    Watch what you eat !

  15. morgancutie

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I sure can relate. I’ve had migraines since I was 8 years old. Sometimes I have them for 7 days straight. I too have tried almost everything there is and have seen many doctors. My advice is to find a really good Neurologist. Mine started me on a fairly new drug called Topomax along with a low dose of Prozac as a preventative. They do not prevent my migraines but have decreased their occurances. This drug has been a Godsend. When I get a migraine, Imitrex is the only medicine that works for me. Also, I recently have read a book called Heal Your Headache. It covers many foods that trigger migraines that I wasn’t aware of (such as bananas). Good luck to you.

  16. gg

    I had migranes for 6 days in a row, and took Excedrin Migrane which knocked it out for a few days; however, the root of the problem was a pinched nerve in my neck. It was also making my hands go numb. Have your neck looked at, particularly if you have little tension knots in your neck and shoulders. That can really screw with you.

    And after 6 years, I’d see a doctor as well.

  17. Miss C

    Hi…I’m so sorry. Go to a neurologist. The right Dr. can help. There may be underlying problems that can be fixed. There are many meds that can work wonders to prevent them before they start.
    Many people avoid certain foods, go to massage therapists, Chiropractors, do Yoga etc.

  18. Alan S

    see a doctor. if you truly had a migraine for over 2000 days you would have blown your head off with a shotgun years ago. furthermore, if you have a genuine migraine you’d be physically unable sit in front of a computer to ponder if some layman could help you.

  19. Karen

    oh man, I’m so sorry… I truly know what you are going through…

    here’s an unconventional medical approach…

    I ended up seeing a nuerologist and we did a small dose of nortryptaline (an antidepressant)… and it helped. The constant trying to subdue the pain via narcotics/ibuprofen actually was making the cause worse and opened a cycle of pain….

    AND, if you’ve done that already…
    one thing that opens up the blood vessels… an orgasm… try that… standing up if possible… then a nap…
    regular sexual activity along with good rest, good eating (these might be food allergies), plenty of hydration… all help with easing the tendancies towards headaches…

    good luck!

  20. smartgirl

    The only way I got rid of my migraine headaches was to put my finger down my throat and make myself throw up. It’s true. When I was a kid I had migraines all the time. My mom took me to the doctor and when she told him how I made myself sick he said I was a smart girl. He didn’t explain but I figure it works because it forces so much blood up into your head it “explodes” the headache. Now that I’m older I notice that fluorescent lighting can trigger a migraine. Flashes of bright light can too such as the glare off of the car’s window in front of me–or someone suddenly shining a flashlight in my eyes.
    I can’t imagine having such pain for as long as you have…I really feel for you and hope this “treatment” works so you can get some relief.

  21. dbgyog

    Acupuncture and magnet are two methods which i use to treat migraine. I HAVE TREATED 20 AND 15 YEARS CASES AND YET I HAVE NOT FACED ANY FAILURE. Only inserting needles is not acupuncture, it has lot of theories. So if you don’t find anybody please come to us. THERE IS NO MEDICINE YET ON MIGRAINE.

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