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What is the best way to get rid of a headache?

What is the best way to get rid of a headache?
I had this headache for about 3 days now, what is some good redemies to help get rid of it?

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Answer by poppy_princess14
advil liquid gels

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  1. Erika S

    first of all a headache shouldn’t last that long…these could be some contributing factors that can cause your headache thou:
    if you have glasses, you should probably go to your eye doctor and get a new prescription, if not….you should go get checked up on your eyes still…sometimes headaches like those are signs of vision problems…also you’re probably letting something worry…causing stress…give yourself a break, a free day!…do something you enjoy doing, ….you’re headache will be long gone for sure…good luck

  2. robby_anna

    first, pinpoint the pain. if it’s in your temples, drink caffeine, water, and take advil. a cold compress will help.

    if it’s further back on your head- sort of behind your ears, it may be more tension- i always use peppermint oil and lavender.

    if it’s all-around pain you may be having bad allergies- or it might be time to talk to a doctor about the headache.

    i have had headaches, migraines, tension pain, etc my whole life. one thing i can say is to NOT rush into medication that you take daily- if you go to a doctor (which may be a good idea), mention all of your symptoms in detail- write down before you go, to make sure that you aren’t errantly prescribed something that will only make the situation scarier.

    ps the caffeine will open your capillaries in your head- when they close/constrict, that’s when headaches happen. try that first – my doc says a 2 litre of coke…..wait a few hours, and then maybe see a doc.

  3. larry k

    depending on pyhisical health and or other pyhisical ailments, try and pinpoint all the areas of stress you have and the levels theirof,and eliminate them! if possable.

  4. MathBioMajor

    Walmart sells a good remedy called “headache relief,” by equate. I can tell you from personal experience that it is very effective and inexpensive, about $ 1.00 for a bottle of 24 coated tablets, here in the Dallas area. However, make sure you have something in your stomach before taking these. They can make you nauseated if you haven’t eaten recently. I usually eat half a bagel, several small pieces of bread, or a couple of mini donuts before taking any of these. They contain 250 mg. Acetaminophen, 250 mg. Aspirin and 65 mg. Caffeine per tablet. Of course, they are on the analgesics aisle.

  5. Daniel

    While it might sound a little farfetched there have been studies that indicated that sex is a great headache reliever. Just a suggestion.

  6. Nancy B

    Get more rest, Motrin around the clock, quiet places and darkened room. Also they say to put your hands or feet in warm water. This dilates blood vessels redirecting your blood from your head.

  7. sweetu

    Headaches can be caused by minor problems
    like eyestrain, lack of coffee or more serious reasons
    like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and
    meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can
    have harmful side effects, so it is better to
    modify your lifestyle. More information available at

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