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What causes a headache in the same spot above an eye?

What causes a headache in the same spot above an eye?
What could possibly cause this kind of a headache…It’s usually in one spot above the right eye. This has been going on for about 9 months now and the headaches come randomly about 3-4 times a week (doesn’t seem to be caused because of change in weather). The pain is usually sharp just in that area. Could this be serious or is it just a normal thing to deal with? What can cause this and what can be done to prevent it other then to drink pills?

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  1. Just Q

    One would think possibly that it is a sinus infection but there are some ocular situations that could cause the same kind of symptoms.
    When you take pain relievers,also try a warm compress to the affected area. Usually if this is a sinus problem,this will help relieve the pain.
    Go see an Opthalmologist.Even if it is a sinus thing you are better off knowing but if it is an ocular situation you will be in the right place for the right diagnosis/treatment.

  2. Tara662

    See a doctor because it could be anything.
    Worst case senario: It could be a sign of a stroke or a blood vessel bursting there. Don’t ignore it, because the mother of a friend of mine died of it. Laura Branigan also died of it.
    Better safe than sorry.

  3. dances_with_unicorns1955

    Most headaches around the eyes are one of two types – either migraine, or sinus headache; you may be able to determine which one it is likely to be by the following:

    A migraine headache is virtually entirely on one side of the head; it is often accompanied by nausea, and sensitivity to light and/or sound. Some people experience an “aura” shortly before the migraine begins; it can be visual, auditory, or even olfactory (sense of smell). A migraine is often helped by being in a cool, dark room, and often disappears after a period of sleep. The causes of migraines are not fully understood, but there are prescription medications that can help; ibuprofen helps some people, but usually it doesn’t do much. Some people also respond to medications or liquids containing caffeine.

    Sinus headaches behave differently. Generally, the pain is on both sides of the face, and often worst near the cheekbones or around the eyes. Light or sound generally have little if any effect on the headache. Cool surroundings often make the sufferer feel worse; warm compresses or a heating pad often help. Sinus headaches generally respond well to ibuprofen or Tylenol, particularly if combined with sudafed/pseudoephedrine (like Tylenol Sinus formula or a similar medication).

    If either one of these sounds familiar, then check with your doctor – particularly if it is a migraine, as the only really effective migraine medications are prescription-only preparations. Even if none of the above sounds familiar, it sounds to me like it’s time to see your doctor. Good luck!

  4. clarissa

    this does not sound normal. do you have sinus problems? stress? have you had an eye exam? have you had this checked out by the doctor? maybe do a search on palmistry to find the pressure points on your hands to alleviate the headache. gl

  5. Harley Charley

    I put up with that for several years and finally my doctor told me it was sinus swelling creating pressure. In my case it pushed on the eyes so bad that sometimes I had to squint my eyes to focus. Some medication took care of that spell but every so often it returns. One thing that helped was heating water on the stove in a big pan. Add some menthol or eucalyptus of whatever brand you can find, (Vicks works good). Turn off the burner so you don’t catch fire, put a towel over your head and suck the fumes and the steam up your nose. Have some paper towels handy to blow your nose in because Kleenex can’t handle what came out of my nose!! That will give some relief.

    Hope that helps

  6. jewels

    for years I have suffered with sinus problems, which can cause
    eye pain and I recently I went to my ear, nose and throat doc to
    see if I had yet another sinus infection. NO I did not.
    He sent me to an eye doctor (based on my symtoms).
    I was shocked to learn from an eye doctor that I actually had
    what they call ‘TMJ’, and it wasn’t until he started prodding and pressing around my jaw I realised he’d probably found the culprit
    for my eye pain. One spot he pressed on nearly sent me through the ceiling, the pain in my eye was terrible yet he was
    pressing the joint of my jaw bone. Now I’m scheduled to have
    surgery to repair the bone and nerve damage caused by the
    TMJ. Maybe this is your culprit, wouldn’t hurt to get checked out.
    check yourself and see if your right jaw clicks or crunches when you open and close your mouth.
    You need to hold your fingers to your jawbone while you do this.
    If you have TMJ you may not hear the clicking but you might feel
    it under your fingers..

  7. dbgyog

    There is no medicine on headache and commoncold.
    Mostly commoncold causes headache. Accumulated cough creates obstackle in either blood circulation. It can put pressure on the perticular nerve and nerve pain is the worst pain.
    Second reason is blockage of flow of Vital Energy in that portion of body. That causes pain.
    Both these reasons can’t be treated with medicines. If cough is not there go to an Acupuncturist, your problem will be solved. If cough is there you will have to come to us i think.

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