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What can i do to relieve my migraine headaches pain & problems ?

What can i do to relieve my migraine headaches pain & problems ?
I have serious migraine headaches & verdigo. It hurts from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being little and 10 worse I rate my pain is 9. I also feel nausea and want to throw up and the school keeps on sending letters saying they going to take us to family court. What can i do to relieve my migraines and problems ?

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Answer by curious
Try this, the flesh between your thumb and fore finger, massage it for a while, till its numb, take some antacids.

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  1. kensington

    Definitely see a doctor. Alternative or western medicine doctors both have some good remedies. Alternative stuff worked best for me. You need to find what works for you. Migraines are so miserable and there are treatments.

    For now, try to avoid classic migraine triggers like alcohol, chocolate, milk, MSG, processed meat (bacon, sandwich meat).

    The only over-the-counter medicine that helped me with migraines was Excedrin for migraine. Regular pain killers don’t help unless it says “for migraine.”

  2. linda_durrant39

    hi jim im sorry to hear about your school situation i would get a lawyer go to your physician and ask him/her to write to your school about your condition i suffer from the most evil migrains so i know what your going through right the first thing you need to do is find a trigger what i mean by this is what do you find thats aggravating things like chocolate cheese citrus fruit and red wine( which im sure you dont drink do you ) stress can often make them worse and hormonal changes you may also have a problem with your inner ear wich will make you dizzy the best thing you can do is go to the doctor they have the expertise to make a proper diagnosis good luck dont worry were on your side

  3. Fioricet

    Jim migraines are more than 50% psychological but if you can not pinpoint your triggers then they might as well be physical.I would try a deep tisssue message and then a nice dinner .

  4. talented mrs v

    It sounds like what you are experiencing is Vestibular Migraines. You need to get in to see a doctor for a diagnosis…they may run tests, and they’ll give you medications to help. With the amount of pain you’re in, you should definitely be on prescription migraine meds. You may even be a candidate for preventative medication. A diagnosis will make dealing with school easier as well (hopefully).

    In the meantime, here are some things that I’ve found to help:
    ~Ice pack on head and neck or heat pack on head
    ~warm bath
    ~dark room, quiet
    ~chiropractic care
    ~herbal tea (chamomile, lemon, anything relaxing)
    ~coffee if you haven’t had much caffeine
    ~peppermint or ginger for the nausea…this can also be in the tea
    ~Head-On, migraine patches, menthol muscle ointment(IcyHot, etc)-on forehead and neck…don’t use with anything else on the area

  5. geoffhinz

    🙁 I’ve been there man. Here’s what works for me:

    Explain your situation to your regular doctor. He might want to do an MRI or other diagnostics to rule out a serious issue like a brain tumor, clot, etc. Once you’re “cleared”, ask him for a prescription for Midrin to keep on you at all times. ( to read about it) It’s best if taken RIGHT when you feel the migraine coming on.

    If the Midrin doesn’t work after a few doses, keep some Norco and Compazine on hand. Norco is basically Vicodin with less Tylenol in it, and Compazine helps with the vertigo and nausea. Both of these two drugs are pretty hardcore so that’s why I only use them after the Midrin hasn’t helped.

    The next option would be a triptan or preventative medication like Topamax.

    You CAN make your migraine disease tolerable. Get the help asap!

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