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I obtain migraines very frequently, especially when I’m on my time period. I’m on birth control currently. I’ve noticed that my migraine headaches have been getting worse — lasting longer, more intense — in recent months. What works for you?
modify: I’ve had migraines since i was about 8, but they do get more frequent with birth control. I have talked to my gyno and tried different delivery controls, and I have spoken to an MD and attempted both daily medication plus ones you take whenever feel a migraine arriving. They just seem to be obtaining worse.

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solution by Newo
I know someone that will push their forehead against the table for a few minutes — to have the pain be concentrated elsewhere.

I think being hydrated and trying to avoid noisy sounds and screamo songs tends to help. As much as I love some heavy metal and shouting (not saying screamo will be heavy), I get some poor headaches after listening for extended periods. Try to bring the refillable water bottle (ofcourse not the typical kind – such as NalGene) to work or college, wherever you go.

You could try rubbing the back of your neck — like 3-4 inches over where your neck fulfills your shoulders. Also, I think that will somehow cardio exercise helps. No idea why, but I have in no way had a headache while or even after a good workout.

additional: Do you get “enough” rest each night? It’s 12: forty eight AM here, and I can guarantee that I get headaches after a week of missing 2 hours a night of rest. (If 8 is the minimal, I get five or even six a night).

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  1. shona_nicole

    Did your migraines start or get worse whenever you started the birth control? I started getting migraines when I was about 16. I did everything to try to get rid of them. I had medicine, would go get the pain shot, and even switched from contacts to glasses thinking it would help. Then my mother finally said something to my gyno about it, and she said it was more than likely my birth control. We then tried just about every pill on the market. They all still had the same effect. But now I use the Nuva Ring and haven’t had one in about 3 months, which is awesome, considering they were an almost weekly occurance. But other than that, when I did get them the only thing that seemed to help ease the pain was to get a cold wash cloth, turn out all the lights, and put that on my eyes and lie down. I hope you can get it straightened out soon. I wouldn’t wish a migraine on my worst enemy. Good luck.

  2. barcoblanton52

    IF you have already consulted your M.D. and have exhausted all avenues then this question may be appropite for yahoo answers.I have suffered from migranes for years from mild episodes to disabilitating and they can be an indication of several different problems. please cunsult a professional before someone reccomends the aztec remedy of cranial boring.

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