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Can migraine headaches make someone permanently blind?

Can migraine headaches make someone permanently blind?
I suffer regularly from migraine headaches with aura (I go blind for about twenty minutes and then my vision returns when the headache starts..) I’ve just been googling migraine on the intenret and have read that it can make someone permenantly blind, and can increase the risk of strokes and coma. Is this true? I’m panicking now because I suffer from migraines at least twice a week.

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Answer by Jennifer
Well,you should have went to the emergency room when this occurred.I’m speaking about going blind for a total of 20 minutes.
I know that if I had a migraine(which I have),and went totally blind for any amount of time…I would clearly go directly to the emergency room…every time that would happen.
And,seeing how you have this happen 2 times a week,and go blind 2 times a week….surly you see your doctor,or go right to the emergency room when this occurs.
This is my advice to you.When this happens…go directly to the emergency room to be evaluated as soon as possible.And,also….see your doctor in reference to going blind every time you have a migraine…2 times a week.

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  1. John Stewart

    I can not completely answer your question, but I have had migraines for at least 40 years, but not near as often as you have. I also have the auras, but mine start like a small area near the center of my vision that increases in size as it progresses, and it is outlined somewhat with sparkles. I never have been completely blind, but I also have had parts of my body go numb, have temporary memory loss, and once I was unable to understand what I was reading – I could read the words, but I did not know what the meant. Its like a temporary stroke. The good thing is that so far these symptions have always been temporary. I am a person of better than average intelligence, and a prodigious thinker which annoys me at times. This type of migraine that we both have is called “classic migraine”. My migraines often are caused by food issues like monosodium glutamate, too much gluten (in cookies, breads, etc.), caffeine, too much physical stress, too much emotional stress, just about anything that messes with a persons nervous system (that jacks it up). I would recommend a doctor that is well versed in treatment for migraines. However, I have been doing self treatment for years with some results. You should find a doctor! The symtoms usually go away, but if I had migraines twice a week, I would become agressive about seeking more help soon. I understand what you are going through. Most people that don’t have migraines, just don’t understand when you tell about your headaches. John.

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