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Can a chiropractor really help resolve migraine headaches?

Can a chiropractor really help resolve migraine headaches?
My wife has had migraine headaches for 30 years. Maxalt pills are what help her, but it only lessens the pain, and it makes her very woozy and with no energy. Would it be worth it to go see a chiropractor to see if they can find a pinched nerve or something? Thanks!

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Answer by Michael M
Really depends on how bad the pain is and where is it. also how long she had it. But yes, chiropractor specialize in that sort of thing because back problems can also lead to headaches.

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  1. SuziQ

    A neurologist helped my migraines tremendously ( I don’t know if she is seeing one already) Zomig, a nasal spray treatment, has been very beneficial.

  2. katinthehatcomesback

    I went to a chiropractor and he helped me. I wouldn’t let him torque my neck but I let him pull it and stretch it. Also he held my head in his hands and sort of did this “snake dance” with it. He also used the activator on my neck. I only had to go a few times and now I only get migraines about once in a few months.
    Excedrin Back and Body is only aspirin and tylenol mixed without caffeine and three of those work if I take them early.
    I found out I was sensitive to msg and aspartame, asulfame k and phenylalanine. My son inherited this, too. We quit eating or drinking all items containing these and the migraines almost never come.

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