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All Pharmacies associated with USAhealthstore are licensed to distribute in the states, you can be 100% sure to receive the same quality medication that you get from your local drug stores.

All the doctors and pharmacists are licensed in USA. We have a lot of pharmacies in different States.  They are all us licensed pharmacies and never sell controlled substances. We can always arrange you a suitable pharmacy to distribute your orders.

Upon receiving a valid prescription of the product you buy. Our US licensed pharmacies will fill a prescription for a medication that is FDA approved. To assure confidentiality and privacy our US licensed Pharmacy will fill and ship your prescription in a discreet package.

We will send you order ID and tracking ID together within two business days after you placed your orders. But It is beyond our control after I sent you order ID and tracking ID. We verify all new customer orders by your email, address, birthday, and phone number. So new customers may need more days to get your orders ( 7-10 business days). After we have successfully received your first COD order Money orders, We will tell you our returned customer website and all your information will be sent to the pharmacies directly.

As soon as the doctors receive your orders, they begin to work on it. We pay doctor review fee for each prescription. Once the doctor review your orders, they will be sent to the pharmacists. Your health conditions will be sent to both doctors and the pharmacists. So please complete the form very honestly. We will send you tracking ID once your USPS tracking Label is printed.

What We cannot Do?

1. We cannot guarantee the medication brand;
2. We cannot cancel your order after it is placed in the pharm portal;
3. We cannot do overnight shipping or Fedex shipping;
4. We cannot answer your email about your order ID or tracking ID because we will send or have already sent it to you once we get it;
5. We cannot speed up your order or ask USPS to ship faster.
1,2,3,5 are beyond our control. 4 is useless and wastes both your and our time.

Refill day Limitation

All the pharmacies have 23 day refill day limitation. They will not send you order if you are in its 23 day refill day limitation. The date is begin from the date of doctor’s review normally one day before your order shipping day. We cannot send you tracking ID if your order is within your refill day period. We may share the same warehouse with other online pharmacy websites. If you order from other source (even from some call centers), the pharmacy still count your refill period from the day the doctor review of other source prescription.


We are only website operators and not the pharmacy. The pharmacy will charge from us when they ship your order no matter you receive it or not. If you refuse the order, the pharmacy will charge extra disposal fee for that prescription because the law does not allow it to be redistributed.

What we can do is to blacklist the customers who refuse the order after they click “Place order Now” link. We only do business with responsible and reputable customers.

Some bad guy sent us bounced checks or money orders. We will blacklist them without any hesitate because we have to pay the pharm their drug fee plus disposal fee, and we have to pay the processor fine too.

All the blacklisted emails will be sent to black-hole and we even do not know it happens.

Telephone Call:

Please ignore any call from call centers because we never call customers to refill orders. Call center guys are known as spammers because they push you to buy something. We will never call you to buy. If you want to refill, just go to our website to refill.

If the orders are from us, we will send you tracking ID and order ID. Please check the email you use when you order in our websites. Some spammer pharmacies send orders in our name, please do not trust them.